Squires Four Pub

Squires Four Pub is where to eat in Vernon, enjoy our adventurous menu featuring the best burger, wings and fries in town, amazing appies, and traditional english pub fare all in the comfort of our old english style pub.

Squires Four Pub takes pleasure in providing you with a warm english style pub with a friendly, sociable atmosphere, reasonably priced and tastefully prepared meals, fine drinks and a friendly staff. Our establishment is dedicated to creating an environment where patrons can enjoy conversation, and sports on one of our many televisions. As our guest, we hope you enjoy our pub and feel free to offer any suggestions you may have.


Locally Sourced & Crafted With Love



The perfect start to any of our delicious meals! Fried to crispy perfection served with celery, carrot and ranch dip. Order now!


Fish 'n' Chips

Fresh cod fried in our in house  made batter served on bed of fries with our homemade style tartar sauce. Order now!


Squires Burger

This mouth watering burger has bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed onion, and sautéed mushrooms. Order now!